Training Services

Our qualified instructors combine various instructional approaches: lectures, interactive workshops, and hands-on activities to help you master the software. Training provides both the entire organization and the individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time a sound investment.


Take flight on the correct trajectory to ensure personnel can immediately use their newly acquired skills to perform respective job functions.

Guarantee optimal end-user readiness and ensure software capabilities are fully understood.

Recommended 5 day package in conjunction with go-live software implementation.


Elevate your skills to a whole new level with a tailored training package to meet your learning objectives.

Review in detail specific modules or functionality pertinent to managing your day-to-day operations.

Enable current users to refresh knowledge acquired during implementation and/or ensure new staff joining the organization get up to speed quickly.

Recommended (*) 3-5 day package conducted 6-12 months after software implementation.


Propel your know-how of AMS product suite to achieve expert results.

Determine and define course requirements and desired outcomes with an AMS trainer in advance.

Master complex processes within the system pertinent to your operations; target specific bottlenecks to increase overall productivity.

Recommended ( *) 1-5 day package conducted minimum 12+ months after system implementation.

(*)Note: Duration depends on business requirements assessed by AMS trainer with customer prior to training.

Training Formats

On Site

Let our experts come to you! Learn in a classroom setting or hands-on training. Builds trust and a strong rapport with your software provider. Accommodates the work schedule of your staff in their daily work environment.


Visit us at our Canadian offices. AMS provides convenient accommodation packages on demand. Stay focused and accelerate your learning with fewer distractions from daily operations.


Learn in a virtual learning environment. Flexible hours which works best for your organization. Practical for training employees in multiple locations.


Upon completion of our Take-off training package, AMS will issue certificates to participants indicating module, duration and type (onsite, online, in-house) of training received. Certificates for Ascension and Propulsion training are made available by request.

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