Data Migration Services

Caring for your business means caring for your data, as it links your past to your profitable future. Manual data migrations are often time-consuming and a source of data discrepancies. Our data migration services enable you to hit the ground running by importing new data within your AMS solution. Data migrations are performed when a new system is implemented and during an update of your existing solution.

Our services provide:

Une planification claire et détaillée appuyée sur une évaluation approfondie de vos données.

A clear and detailed planning based on an evaluation of your data.

Transparence avec interruption minimale des activités.

Transparency throughout the project with minimum disruption of your current operations

Des experts en gestion de projets de migrations.

Project management experts specialized in data migration

Le respect des échéanciers convenus et du budget.

Compliance to agreed timeline and budget.


This cost effective formula enables you to be an active player in your migration and requires a time investment on your part. We perform a pre-formatted data migration in a defined and documented format. An Excel template is provided for each required module of your solution; allowing you to transmit your data in an established format.


This service allows you to entrust your migration to AMS and liberates your organization from re-keying any data. Our migration experts analyze your data and submit a detailed estimate covering the complete migration process.

After approval of the migration proposal, the data will be imported into your AMS solution without any additional action on your part. Thereafter, you will be required to verify and validate your data within your system before final go-live.

This complete migration service formula helps you focus on your operations and facilitates rapid deployment of the new system throughout your organization.


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Undertaking the implementation of a new aviation maintenance management solution, let alone choosing one, is a path that can be challenging.

Whether you aim to hire a project manager, a consultant, or a third party service provider; it’s important to have a grasp on the main pathway towards implementing a MIS successfully.


This paper can be helpful to:

  •  Understand & compare implementation service offers from different providers
  • Incorporate best practices to your next implementation project
  • Review implementation knowledge
  • Apply as an internal project checklist and refresher

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